UD Stable Knee Support 5mm

UD Stable Knee Support 5mm

Our protectors should be tight, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable or painful. On the other hand, the pads should be tight for maximum effect. It is good to keep in mind that our protectors will stretch slightly over time, but you should still be able to use them until that happens.

You have to make your own judgment about which size to wear. If you are on the borderline between two sizes, we usually recommend choosing the larger size.

Your Needs

When it comes to your needs and injuries, we advise you to talk to your doctor first about what support is suitable for you specifically. If you do not have any contact with a doctor at the moment, we recommend that you contact a naprapathy clinic, orthopaedic clinic, physiotherapist or similar to get proper advice.


We have a wide range of different products, all designed to meet different needs and conditions. Depending on the activity you are going to perform, you may need different types of protection with different support as each activity puts different stress on the body. This is especially true when our products have different thicknesses. Our products that are 7mm provide more support than those that are 5mm. For example, if you are running, we recommend a thinner protection than if you are doing heavy lifting.